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006 1800s Example of a Bark Rigged Ship

The passenger list of James and Catherine lists their sailing vessel as the "Bark Adonis" burthen 904 tons. What is a "Bark" and what does "904 burthen" mean?     The term "Bark" refers to the configuration of the sails and rigging. Common configurations of the era included Bark (or Barque), Ship, Brig and Schooner. A "Bark" rigged vessel was a three-masted vessel with the foremast and mainmast square rigged and the mizzenmast fore-and-aft rigged. It wasn't unusual for Barks to be re-rigged as Ships or vice-versa. A "Bark" rigged vessel, could sail with fewer crew members than the same vessel rigged as a "Ship." For this reason, many "Ship" rigged vessels were converted to "Barks" and will appear as both in Shipping News items and ship's lists. "Burthen" is a measurement for the inside volume of the ship.  [Source : Norway Heritage - Hands Across the Sea ]

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